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Мини обзор - револьверы - пистолеты Зауер

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01.02.2009 г.

 Зауэр — старейшая немецкая фирма, выпускающая охотничье оружие. В дальнейшем вошла в состав "народного предприятия по производству охотничьего оружия им. Э. Тельмана". Фирма "зауэр", расположенная в советское время в ФРГ, сохранила свою автономию. 

Зауэр 1913 г. -  немецкий автоматический пистолет фирмы "зауэр и сын". 

Зауэр 1930 г. — Бехёрденмодель. 

Зауэр 1938 г. — немецкий карманный полицейский автоматический пистолет фирмы "зауэр и сын". 

Зауэр, модель 2/59 — немецкий револьвер фирмы "зауэр"22 калибра с двумя шестизарядными барабанами. Вес 1100 г. Копия кольта образца 1972 г. 

Зауэр, модель 2/61 — модификация зауэра, модель 2/59 калибра 357, 44 или 45. 

Зауэр, модель 2/64 — модификация зауэра, модель 2/61. 

Зауэр, модель 58 — см. Зауэр 1938 г. 

Зауэр, модель фр-4 — немецкий револьвер 22 и 38 калибра фирмы "зауэр". Вес 1000 г. Копия смита-вессона. 

Зауэр, модель тр-6 — немецкий револьвер 38 калибра фирмы "зауэр". Копия смита-вессона.

Зиг-зауэр п-220 — швейцарский семи-, девяти- и десятизарядный автоматический пистолет 22 и 45 калибра и калибра 9 мм и 7, 65 мм.

Зиг-зауэр п-225 — модификация зиг-зауэра п-220.

6.35 mm. models

The first 6.35 mm. Sauer pistol appeared on the market some time between 1920 and 1922.

The original pistol in this caliber was an exact copy of the 1913 7.65 mm. model. As time went on some small changes were made, particularly in the mechanical safety and in the use of different forms of grip pieces. Manufacture continued through the 1920's, and it was still offered for sale in 1929 (and possibly later) at which time it was referred to as the Grosses Modell of 6.35 caliber, other smaller models having been introduced. When production ceased is not known. Specimens in the 48,000 range have been examined, but many more may have been produced.

Factory literature of the early 1920's, describing the 7.65 mm. model as then issued and the newly introduced 6.35 mm. version, show that some changes had been made in the 7.65 mm. model. The specifications given are shown in Table 43.


Data for Sauer pistols (Early 1920's)
Measurement 6.35 mm. Mod. 7.65 mm. Mod.
Total length 125 mm. 144 mm.
Barrel length 65 „ 78 „
Height 90 „ 98 „
One turn of rifling in 220 „ 360 „
Number of grooves 6 6
Weight (empty) ca. 400 gm. ca. 530 gm.
Magazine capacity 7 ctges. 7 ctges.

Some time later (but prior to 1925) a new and quite different 6.35 mm. Sauer pistol was brought out as the W.T.M. (Westentaschen Modell ). This bore no resemblance to the earlier model, being more like (though not identical to) the Walther Mod. 9. Ejection of fired shells was from the top, as with the Walther. This first W.T.M. is easily identified by the flutings (or serrations) which are present on the forward end of the slide as well as on the rear, where they form the finger grips. Possibly it was thought that they improved the appearance of the arm. It is clear that a new numbering series was started for this new model, as low-numbered specimens have been examined. This vestpocket model is based on the D.R.P. No. 453,654, though this patent was not cited until a later model came out.

The first W.T.M. described above was succeeded (in late 1927 or early 1928) by a new and smaller vestpocket model, to which was assigned the nomenclature Modell 28. As first issued, this model had much the same appearance as the preceding model, the most obvious difference being in the pattern of serrations (slanted instead of vertical) on the rear end of the slide and the absence of serrations on the forward end of the slide. It retained the exposed barrel section in the slide, through which expended cartridges were expelled. The pistol had grip pieces which bore the inscription Cal. 6.35. 28, as well as the name Sauer. Specimen No.

11,158 was found to be of this type and is evidently in the same numbering series as the first W.T.M.

Some time later a change was made in this model.

A cartridge ejection port was provided on the right side of the slide, and the barrel was completely inclosed in the slide, with the exception of this port. When this change was made is not known. No figures on total production are available, but specimens in the 250,000 range have been examined, and production is said to have continued until late in the 1930's.

Some idea of the relative sizes of the different 6.35 mm. models may be obtained from the data in Table 44.


Data for three 6.35 mm. Sauer pistols
Measurement 1913 Model W.T.M. Model 28
Total length 125 mm. 105 mm. 100 mm.
Height 90 „ 69 „ 69 „
Weight 420 gm. 330 gm . 275 gm.
Magazine cap. 7 ctges. 6 ctges. 6 ctges.
Fig. 241. 7.65 mm. Sauer Mod. 1913. Sectional view.
Fig. 242. 7.65 mm. Sauer Behorden Mod. With auxiliary barrel to shoot center fire 4 mm. „Zielmunition 20.“
Fig. 243. 7.65 mm. Sauer Mod. H(38). Sectional view.

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